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Healthy public relations serve a dividend purpose when it comes to success and growth of businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, brands, legal firms, and corporate organizations. In the business world maintaining an excellent public reputation ultimately translates into more acceptance from the public and more business profitability.However, building and maintaining social reputation in this digital era is no easy task. Businesses, freelancers and companies of all sizes are always on the risk of being targeted by rogue ex-employees, competition, troll farms and anonymous entities smearing the public reputation to achieve personal, political, financial or competitive gains.
Character assassination, web smear, digital reputation killing, internet trolling, and social shaming are some of the terms that define the acts of damaging or dishonoring the public records, social life or reputation of an individual, group, brand or an organization. Digital shaming can have adverse effects on both digital reputation and personal life of a person, and similarly can have a negative effect on a company’s reputation and business. Motives to weaponize digital character assination There can be many reasons why “digital assassins” are motivated to plan and execute the acts of digital shaming.
It is nothing but a sad reality that despite the rapid modernization, digital transformation, and technological advancements, the world is nowhere near controlling cybersecurity risks. Apart from hackers attacking every 39 seconds on average using a host of malicious techniques, they are now using phone spoofing to further trick users and hijack their sensitive information. So what is phone spoofing? Phone spoofing is an umbrella term used to encapsulates the different deceiving techniques used by hackers to trick users into providing their sensitive information.
An IP can be tracked over Email header. The full e-mail header allows you to track an email account from the recipient. The email header includes identity and routing information that is usually not of interest to you. However, this information is essential to trace the e-mail source. The full email header is not shown normally in most email users because it is full of technical knowledge and unskilled in the eye rather pointless.
Why is our protection more effective than that of current competitors on the market? More than 20 years of experience in networking as well as Internet technology Proactive development of protection mechanisms based on a broad network of specialists in this branch. This means that our systems usually recognize a new attack before it becomes known that it is possible to attack it and can therefore be fought in a direct manner.