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September 7, 2020

Our protection compared to other products

Why is our protection more effective than that of current competitors on the market?

  1. More than 20 years of experience in networking as well as Internet technology

  2. Proactive development of protection mechanisms based on a broad network of specialists in this branch. This means that our systems usually recognize a new attack before it becomes known that it is possible to attack it and can therefore be fought in a direct manner.

  3. We already protect our own projects, which are exposed to daily attacks, so the need to develop our own protection arose. The conventional protection options offered were not of use for us and in no case sufficient.

  4. The protection is customized for each customer and the customer is supported during the setup, so that the protection can be guaranteed and no mistakes are made during the setup. Unfortunately, this is often the case and it allows potential attacks to easily bypass the protection.

In order to explain it to someone who is not familiar with the subject, I will use a simple example. Coca-Cola, a well-known and beloved drink.

The ingredients are well known and everyone could theoretically make their own coke. But since the exact amounts and proportions of the ingredients are still top secret, nobody has ever managed to copy the original Coca-Cola recipe exactly.

The same can be applied to the DDoS protection. The techniques as well as mechanisms are well known and anyone can use them. But how these techniques are used and how they are used to detect and filter a DDoS attack is our secret recipe.