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Reputation Management

What to do against character assassination? Delete entries on the Internet that are damaging to your reputation

Gossip, inappropriate language and defamation are the dark sides of the Internet. If your ex-girlfriend complains mercilessly online that someone who once had such a great work colleague on their homepage suddenly no longer leaves you with good hair, the boss on Facebook calls you a “fool”. Customers rate the company’s products as unusable in the consumer community, your own restaurant’s food goes terrible on review portals, or forces a law firm’s services to get dragged into the quagmire – good advice like this is usually expensive. Some defamation is offensive, some are detrimental to business, and some are aimed at it. When it comes to the scope of online abuse, one thing is always exact: When it comes to your reputation, you shouldn’t just endure abuse!

Defamation on the Internet

The Internet offers countless possibilities for exchange and communication. Unfortunately, due to the anonymity of the network, the inhibition threshold for some people to maintain decency and to take responsibility for their postings is falling from embarrassing private photos to personal videos, from untrue claims to entries that damage business, from reputational damage to character assassination – the range of mean things on the Internet is as long as it is complicated. The defamation is often published anonymously, under a pseudonym or using a nickname. This often makes it impossible for the injured party to identify the author of the meanness, to hold it personally responsible and to hold it accountable. And even if you know who is accountable, as a private person, you quickly reach your limits.

Character assassination? Advertisements are useless

Even if you know the originator of a smear campaign, deleting legitimate entries can be a tedious and challenging process. When individuals ask them to remove items from the Internet, website publishers usually do not cooperate fully. If you face the polluter yourself, the risk to what you want to achieve is not small. Attempts to suppress information typically have the opposite effect: polluters will like it, online communities will become more active, and the knowledge that people want to stop will become better known. The so-called “Streisand” effect occurs in: Big Glock hangs a message that should actually be suppressed so that it is more public.

Delete defamatory entries – your good reputation helps!

In order to still achieve our goal and to end the online defamation, we have given your reputation. As a pioneer in the field of online reputation management in Europe, we can look back on many years of experience and long-term contacts with national and international website providers. Our team strives to eliminate reputational damage. Our satisfied customers include people from the private and commercial sectors. It doesn’t matter whether it is text, images, videos, forum posts or address book entries. It doesn’t matter whether you want to delete your own or written documents or third-party posts. We are also very happy to stand up for you and help you defend yourself successfully against defamation, libel, character attack, identity theft, defamation, character assassination or cyber bullying.

Get in touch with your request – we will help you quickly and easily!

As a pioneer in the international market, Vicauris has developed a variety of methods to prevent slander and negative public relations and build a good reputation on the Internet.

So we help you achieve a positive online reputation:

  • Analysis of your entries and search results We analyze and evaluate your search results on Google, in forums, blogs and social media. For this we use professional monitoring software from our cooperation partner.

  • Delete negative entries

  • We arrange for negative or long outdated entries about you or your company to be deleted. In doing so, we rely on our long-standing cooperation and good international contacts with the website operators.

  • Displacement of negative entries

  • If a negative entry cannot be removed, we will ensure that it is pushed back in the search results.

  • Optimization of your web content

  • We optimize your web content and take appropriate measures to ensure that your positive content receives a good search engine ranking.

  • Interlocking of off- and online marketing

  • We coordinate our activities closely with your existing PR and marketing measures, develop an individual strategy for your communication on the Internet and create positive attention for you or your company.

  • Continuous media monitoring in Web 2.0

  • We continuously monitor the digital media and inform you what and how is communicated about you, your company or your products. We are committed to ensuring that the reputation you have successfully built up is maintained in the long term.

  • Of course, you can put together and combine the individual offers according to your personal needs.